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Why Us?

Our telemedicine platform provides timely cost-effective access to comprehensive care through highly qualified, licensed providers. Additionally, our behavioral health solution meets all national psychiatric standards of care and evaluation.

  • A proven partner with over 22 years of experience operating the only university-based prison hospital system in the U.S.
  • A highly credible partner with fully credentialed and licensed forensic psychiatrists, mid-level psychiatric practitioners and licensed clinical psychologists.
  • A knowledgeable partner offering expertise and connectivity through its telehealth platform in four distinct modules: behavioral health, gender dysphoria, primary care, and virology.

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Why Telehealth?

Telemedicine is perfectly designed for today’s correctional institutions. The stakes are high and extend far beyond the prisons’ walls. States face many mandates requiring correctional facilities to provide health services to their patient populations while protecting the communities they serve; and accomplishing that with limited budgets.

Prison management is responsible for managing not only communicable diseases and mental health issues prevalent in prisons, but the safety of their communities when transporting prisoners for care outside the prison walls.

Telehealth is the answer to innovative and cost-effective correctional healthcare.


Access to quality care

  • Recruitment and retention of providers –especially forensic psychiatrists and mid-level psychiatric providers
  • Meeting federal, state and behavioral health regulations
  • Provision of care in a timely manner

Complexity of Care

  • Severity of conditions
  • Chronic conditions
  • Communicable disease
  • Recidivism

Safety & Compliance

  • Transportation expenses and risk to public safety
  • Security staffing, recruitment, retention and cost
spent on prison
health care
inmates with extensive and
communicable health ailments
median growth in per-inmate
health care spending
states experiencing an aging
prison population


Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Module provides comprehensive Psychiatric Clinical Services utilizing both psychiatrists and psychiatric mid-level providers. Services include initial evaluations, follow-up treatment, crisis intervention and after hours call coverage. Services can be provided through multiple reimbursement models to best meet the client’s needs.

More than 50 thousand annual visits currently being performed at multiple customer sites.

Primary Care / Chronic Care

The Primary/Chronic Care Module provides Acute Care and Chronic Care Services ensuring access to care and compliance that meet standard-of-care requirements. Services are delivered by both physicians and mid-level providers and include acute care encounters and major chronic care issues, with the exception of Virology services.

The Primary Care/Chronic Care Service has been designed to provide timely care in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

More than 50 thousand annual visits currently being performed at more than 80 delivery sites.

Virology Services

The Virology Module provides Hepatitis C and HIV Services utilizing physicians and mid-level providers. Services include initial evaluation, monitoring and ultimately treatment for the disease processes following the client’s formulary and approved treatment algorithms.

More than 14 thousand annual visits being performed at more than 80 delivery sites

Gender Dysphoria

The Gender Dysphoria Module has been developed over the past year to provide services to this population of patients. Services are provided by a psychiatrist and a psychiatric mid-level provider in consultation with staff endocrinologists. The Gender Dysphoria Service provides initial examinations, follow-up visits and appropriate medication therapy per each client’s treatment algorithms.

Prescription for Success:

Our Prescription for Success has resulted in more than 150 thousand annual telemedicine visits in the State of Texas.
While exact cost savings are challenging to quantify, cost avoidance can be estimated.
  • Key Performance Indicators and Quality Metrics that focus on measuring and reporting on Quality Outcomes
  • Scheduling system that maximizes the clients’, patients’ and providers’ time, providing a highly efficient delivery model which produces an exceptional encounter total
  • Proprietary presenter “how to” system that ensures a smooth and timely presentation of the patient to the provider
  • Highly experienced Physicians and Mid-Level Practitioners
  • Embracing Technology in Delivery Systems
For example, if UTMB had relied on traditional approaches like using locums to see the 50 thousand patient visits versus using telemedicine through Intervention Health Solutions, based on the current FY17 cost of locums UTMB would have incurred an additional expense of more than $3million.

Flexible Pricing Models

FFS or Subscription Models available
Contact us for more information.

About Us

Intervention Health Solutions is a joint venture between the University of Texas Medical Branch (MBI) and Martin Ventures to provide telehealth services to correctional facilities across the United States. UTMB is the largest provider of correctional health services and correctional pharmacy services in the State of Texas and is also one of the largest providers of these services in the United States. Intervention Health Solutions now brings its proven performance, expertise and technology for behavioral and other telehealth services to customers nationally.

The principals leading Intervention Health Solutions are regarded as national leaders in the field of correctional healthcare services which has been refined over 22 years. The depth and breadth of our experience is backed up by our ability to provide high-quality, low-cost coverage in geographically dispersed regions; servicing over 83 facilities throughout the State of Texas and providing care for approximately 120,000 offenders.

Stephen R. Smock, MBA

Stephen R. Smock, MBA

Managing Director

Stephen R. Smock is the co-Managing Director for Intervention Health Solutions, LLC, a UTMB Medical Branch Innovations and Martin Ventures joint venture offering multiple platform solutions for telehealth delivery services primarily for Behavioral Health and Primary Care. Additionally, he is currently an Associate Vice President, for the University of Texas Medical Branch Correctional Managed Care, Comprehensive Health Solutions. Stephen is a retired Naval Health Care Administrator and has been employed in corrections for the past eighteen years in various administrative leadership roles with UTMB CMC.

He has been involved in significant operational developments, such as electronic medical records, tele-health – sub-specialty services, primary care delivery and mental health services. Additionally, he has developed innovative programs to support and enhance the leadership skills of correctional professionals in the UTMB CMC system

He has been instrumental in the development, operations and innovation of a robust UTMB Correctional Managed Care Telehealth Program that delivers more than 145,000 visits annually.

Rodney Huebbers

Rodney Huebbers

Managing Director

Rod Huebbers is the co-Managing Director for Intervention Health Solutions, LLC a UTMB Medical Branch Innovations and Martin Ventures joint venture offering multiple platform solutions for telehealth delivery services primarily for Behavioral Health and Primary Care. Additionally, he serves as a Senior Vice President Development for Martin Ventures and leads its recently established consulting arm, Embolden Health Partners.

Prior to the establishment of Intervention Health Solutions and joining Martin Ventures, Rod has served in a number of leadership roles and is credited with developing and implementing enterprise-wide strategic planning at highly visible organizations such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the University Health System in Shreveport, Louisiana where he orchestrated the conversion of University Health System from a public entity to a private non-profit health system subsidiary of the Biomedical Research Foundation,. Tenet Health System’s Detroit Medical Center, a 2,000-licensed bed health system and Vanguard’s Baptist Health System in San Antonio, Texas.

Rod has significant experience in operational performance improvement and has led a multitude of major projects for a variety of hospitals and health systems, all achieving enhanced performance quality, more efficient processes, quality, and bottom line improvements in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Craig Peters

Craig Peters

MBA, Business Development Consultant

Craig Peters leads all Business Development efforts for Intervention Health Solutions, LLC a UTMB Medical Branch Innovations and Martin Ventures joint venture offering multiple platform solutions for telehealth delivery services primarily for Behavioral Health and Primary Care. Craig is a proud army veteran and 30+ year administrative professional affiliated with the state of Texas.

Mr. Peters has held many leadership roles within the University of Texas Healthcare System. His experience includes contract management and administration, operations, national auditing and accreditation, business development, telehealth / telemedicine, and innovative health services. He has also lead governance, risk and compliance efforts for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and worked as a Regional Director for Corizon where he managed the opening of a state hospital, spearheaded business development opportunities to secure Federal contracts and developed a standard accreditation for Corizon staff.

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